Best Bowlers in the World | Top 10 Bowlers in Cricket History

In this article, we discuss the best bowlers in the world who lose batsmen’s sweat when they see the balls being bowled. The batsmen are too scared to play their ball, let alone bring their balls to the boundary. Cricket is a game of bowlers because their sixes and fours attract fans to come to the stadium.

Some bowlers are such like that, their bowling style became batsman stunning and shocked. The Best Bowlers in the World that’s called terrorists on the cricket field. Some bowlers are so dangerous, sometimes the batsmen changed their technique after seeing their ball. The bowlers changed the game of cricket with their different techniques.

Best Bowlers in the World

Top 10 Best Bowlers In the World

The bowlers who made records with their bowling styles. They have such a uniqe style of bowling, which made fear in the heart of batsmen. No one can break the records of T0p 10 best bowlers in the World. In this article we discuss in detail about these bowlers. So read this article till end to know about them and increase your information. Are you a big fan of cricket and know about the player who made Fastest Century in the Test. You can read my previous article and know all about fastest century in cricket history in test format.

Harold Larwood Best Bowlers in the World


Harold was born on 14 November 1904 in Nuncargate. At the age of 18, he was invented to trail for Nottinghamshire, where he was offered a professional contract and selected with bat & ball. Harold Larwood was one of the best bowlers in the world. He was an England cricket player, an outstanding and accurate fast bowler.

Fastest Ball

Harold invents the way of Body Line Mechanism in the world of cricket. In the first Ashes of Harold, he destroys the career of two Australian batsmen. Harold Larwood was on the stage a dangerous bowler, many observers claimed to bowl at speeds well over “ 90 miles per hour”. Such speed compares quite to the fastest of the modern fast bowler, Shoaib Akhtar & Brett Lee. Moreover, Larwood was also very accurate.

Cricket Career Achievement

That combination made Larwood the most dangerous fast bowl of his bowling. In 1926, he played his first Test Match against Australia in the 2nd test of the series, at Lord’s. He takes 2/99 and 1/33, he did not secure a permanent place in the team in the 1928 series, where he took seventeen wickets, including 6/32 in the 1st innings of the test match.

The arrival of Donald Bradman in the Australian team saw the England Cricketing ranking scrape their heads to devise a plan to defeat the Australian fact and thus retain the Ashes trophy. Larwood was tasked with performing the plan, and thus the stage was set for the Body line series. Even Harold Larwood forced Don Bradman to give up during the series. Larwood out Don Bradman 4 times in the series.

Harold out 35 batsmen in 4 test matches on the base of his bowling. Larwood takes a total of 78 wickets in his cricket series with 17.51 fastest bowling average. In 1933 on 23 February he say goodbye to cricket due to his aggressive behavior. He was awarded an MBE in 1993.

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Shane Warne Best Bowlers in the World


Shane Warne is a famous framer cricketer, hugely regarded as the greatest leg spinner and one of the best bowlers in the world. Warne was a leg-break bowler. He was leading wicket-taker 708 in test matches until December 2007.

Cricket Career Achievements

He has been named twice in the Wisden Cricketers of the year in Wisden Cricketers ‘Almanack. Shane Warne has also been elected 2 times as a Wisden leading Cricketer in the world. He made his first Debut on 2nd January 1990 in Sydney in the test match against India.

His debut was nothing eye-catching as he took just one wicket while conceding 150 runs. Warne holds a record for more wickets (708) in Test Cricket until December when he was surpassed by Muralitharan. He was 2nd person who takes 1000 wickets after Muralitharan in international cricket.

And he has also held the record of scoring 3,154 runs without scoring a century. Shane Warne retired from international cricket in 2007 but continues to play for club and country cricket.

Glenn McGrath Best Bowler in the World


Glenn McGrath is one of the best bowlers in the world. His average pace was medium-fast but at 1.95 meters tall. He starts his cricket career from 1993 to 2007. He’s got 563 wickets with an average of 21.64 in their Test match career which is got by the fastest bowler.

Cricket Career Achievements

He bowling at just 135Kmph, the Aussie would create pressure by bowling at the off-stumps with movement and bounce, with old & new ball. He takes 381 wickets with an average of 22.04 in ODI matches and became the 7th highest wicket-taker among the top 10 wicket-takers.

Muttiah Muralitharan Best Bowlers in the World


It is true to say that, Murali is the greatest Sri Lankan off-spinner.  And one of the best bowlers in the world all-time. He has 800 test wickets coming from just 230 innings with an average of 22.72 and 534 ODI
wickets in 341 innings.

Cricket Career Achievements

His highest average of all forms of games is 23 and in ODI he has an average of 19.06, he holds the record well over 1000 wickets. He has also a world record of 11 times in Test matches to become Man of the series and he receive the Man of the Match 19 times in tests after 2nd behind the Jacques Kills.

Wasim Akram Best Bowlers in the World


Wasim Akram is a left-arm fast bowler known as King of Swings. He is an outstanding all-rounder, who helped lead Pakistan to the World Cup Championship of international ODI cricket in 1992. Wasim Akram is known as one of the best bowlers in the world. He is only one of three bowlers who have recorded Two hat-tricks in test cricket and also a record to achieve the same feat in ODI cricket.

Cricket Carrer Achievements

Wasim Akram was the bowler who could swing the ball both win the air and both sides of the pitch. He was the player of the match in the final of the 1992 World Cup, he picked up the most 18 wickets in this series. Wasim Akram takes 414 highest wickets with an average of 23.62 in his Test match career and 502 wickets in his ODI career and he is 2nd highest wicket-taker 916 as a pace bowler in international cricket.

He has won 17 times Man of the Match awards in Test cricket which is the joint 3rd highest number of awards. Wasim Akram holds the record to make the most number of wickets in ODI at a single ground at Sharjah with 122 wickets. He is one of the best bowlers in the world ever. After the disappointing campaign of the 2003 World Cup, he retired from international cricket.

Denis Lillee Best Bowlers in the World


Denis Lillee is a famous former cricketer of Australia known as an outstanding fast bowler of his generation. He was a fearsome fast bowler with a fiery temper. In the early part of his career, Denis was an amazing quick bowler, but the number of stress fractures in his back almost ended his career. In the following season, he made his Test debut in the 6th test at Adelaide in the 1970-1971 Ashes series, taking 5/84 from 28.3 eight-ball overs.

Cricket Career Achievements

His first Test wicket was John Edrich, caught by Keith Stackpole for 130, but it was not until the seventh test at Sydney that John Hampshire became the first batsman to be “caught Marsh, bowled Lillee”. In 1971-72 against a world XI at Perth, he destroyed a powerful batting lineup that included Garry Sobers, Clive Lloyd, Rohan Kanhai, and Sunil Gavaskar by taking 8/29. Lillee followed this performance with a successful Ashes tour of England in 1972 when he “asserted himself as a great bowler”.

In a series that ended 2-2, he was the outstanding bowler on either team, taking 31 wickets at an average of 17.67. This earned him selection as one of Wisden’s five cricketers of the year for 1973. Denis takes 355 highest wickets in 20 innings in his Test match career and 103 wickets with an average of 20.82 in his ODI career. If any batsmen ever looked forward to facing Denis, they knew they would be in a dangerous time.

Micheal Holding Best Bowlers


When West indies holds the fastest pace attack bowling, Micheal was in charge of this attack. He is known as “Whispering Death” that tag was given by Umpire Dicky Bird. Micheal knows he has kept the pace of bowling if he keeps it correct he rules in the cricket world and he has done it. He was the one element of the Golden Era of the West Indies cricket team.

Cricket Career Achievements

Don Bradman says about Holding “Cat-throwing in the front of Holding is like stand in the front of death”. Holding a special bowling idol was his bowling accuracy which every bowler would not have. Micheal takes in 60 tests 249 wickets with an average of 23.69 and 102 ODIs 142 wickets with an average of 21.37. He also held the record of 14 wickets in attest match by any West Indies bowler.

The fastest delivery bowled by Micheal Holding in his career was 156kmph. In 222 first-class games, Micheal has picked 778 wickets at an average of 23.43 which includes 39 five-wickets hauls while in 249 List- Games he has picked 343 at an average of 20.62. He took the wicket of Boycott, another quality 6 times.

Richard Hadlee Best Bowlers in the World


Richard was one of the best bowlers in the world produced by New Zealand ever. He is one of the greatest all-rounders in cricket history and his fast bowling has never been clam. Richard has taken over 431 wickets in test cricket, he reached the status of an institution.

Cricket Career Achievements

He has also scored more than 2500 runs.He has a supreme position among the fast bowlers. He has ennobled for his fine performance over the years. Richard is supposed to be the most technically fast bowler after Denis Lillee.

He set up a record of taking 300 wickets in only 61 tests and he was only the 2nd person to do so. Richard Hadlee entered the test Cricket arena in 1972-1973. He has played the role of anchorman for the New Zealand team. His overall performance is a key limit in their victories.

Shoaib Akhtar Best Bowlers in the World


Shoaib Akhtar is a former Pakistani player in all three formats of the game for 14 years. He is known for the nickname “Rawalpindi Express”. He was a right-handed fast bowler and he is known to have delivered the fastest delivery in the history of cricket.

The delivery was fast as 161.3km/h and was bowled against England in the group stages of ICC world Cup 2003. He first Proved himself during a Pakistan tour to South Africa in 1998.Shoaib Debut was having to come against India in the 1996 Sahara Cup played in Toronto. His debut was quiet and modest as he takes only 2 wickets.

Cricket Career Achievements

He has been awarded Man of the match two times in test cricket and ten times in limited over cricket. Shoaib is the first bowler to break the 100km/h barrier as well, which he did twice in his career. He also holds the first six fastest deliveries in international cricket as, 160,159.9, 159.5,159, and 158.4.

His Speed was not only his strength but he had vicious bouncers and pinpoint Yorkers. He takes 146 wickets with an average of 25.69 in 46 matches in the career of Test matches and he also takes 247 wickets with an average of 24.97 in 163 matches of his ODI career.

Daniel Vettori Best Bowlers

Daniel debuted at the age of 18 years and became the backbone of the Kiwi’s attack thereafter. He takes 362 wickets with an average of 34.36 in 113 matches in his Test career. Denial takes 305 wickets with an average of 31.71 in 295 matches in his ODI career.

He is also the most successful left-arm spinner and accounted for 705 scalps across 3 formats. His bowling average could not be leading in both Test and ODIs because his average is up to 30.

Sydney Barnes Best Bowlers in The World

Sydney Barnes was an English medium-fast bowler in the cricket world. He is lited as one of the best Bowlers in the World. Sydney made his debut in the match against Australia on 13 December 1901.

Sydney took 189 wickets with an average of 16.43 in 27 matches in his Test career. His first-class career was the same with an average of 17 recordings 719 wickets in 133 matches. He is one of the best bowlers in the world of cricket. The right-arm bowler retired from international cricket in 1914.

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