BPL Best Bowler- Who Takes Most Wickets In BPL?

Here we are going to share BPL Best Bowler. Bangladesh Premier League is a popular cricket tournament and will be rolled out in January. The T20 league of Bangladesh not only amazed the people but also bring joy and excitement to them. It also gains the attention of international people. It has played a vital role to explore the talent which gave Bangladesh such great bowlers. They made records with their bowling line and picks the most wickets. There are great blowers in Bangladesh Premier League and batsmen were afraid to face them due to their dangerous bowling style.


BPL Best Bowler


BPL Best Bowler-Highest Wicket Taker

T20 become the favorite cricket format among all cricket fans. Many bowlers get fame from the T20 domestic cricket. The people who love cricket sport want to know about players whether they are bowlers or batsmen. A bowler is the pole of the cricket team. The game of cricket depends on both bowlers and batsmen. Batsmen are machines to make the runs but sometimes bowlers cover the match with their bowling skills. All the teams are power packed with the best bowlers in the BPL. Here we list details about the bowlers who deliver the fastest ball and take the most wickets. If you are also a fan of BPL and know about the Best batsman of the Bangladesh Premier League you can check all detail about them in my article by clicking it.

Shakib – Al-Hassan BPL Best Bowler

He is a Bangladeshi cricketer who plays for the Bangladesh National Cricket team. Shakib also plays in the domestic league of Bangladesh. He is no 1 bowler in the Bangladesh Premier League and the leading wicket-taker. Shakib- Al- Hassan picked by Khulna Royals as their icon player in the first season of the league tournament.

In the first tournament, he takes 15 wickets. In the 2nd season, Dhaka Dynamites pick Shakib and he was the most expensive player in the 2nd season. He led the Dhaka team and takes 15 wickets and win the award ” Man of the Match 2nd time“. Rangpur  Riders pick Shakib- Al- Hassan and he plays against the Sylhet Stars team where he took 18 wickets with a 6.39 economy rate.

On 22 January Shakib was the first player in the BPL who made the record for highest wickets. He took 100 wickets in 6 seasons of the Bangladesh league. In the 2022 BPL Season, he picks 16 wickets with an average of 14.56. Shakib- Al-Hassan is the highest wicket-taker bowler in the Bangladesh T20 league. He took a total of 122 wickets in his BPL career in 87 matches and with an average of 17.40.

Rubel Hossain BPL Best Bowler

Rubel is The Bangladesh International Cricket team player and also plays in the domestic league of Bangladesh. He made his first debut against the Khulna Division team. After the match, he signed for the National cricket league. He has the highest bowling average of any pacer. In 2012 when BCB launch the BPL the Sylhet team bought the Rubel Hossain for $ 70,000.

In the year 2018 Dhaka Dynamites team pick Rubel as their team player during the draft. Chattogram Challengers Pick him in 2019. He is the second leading wicket-taker of the Bangladesh League. Rubel takes a total of 96 wickets with an average of 21.26 in his league career. He plays 77 innings in Bangladesh Premier League.

Mashrafe Mortaza BPL Best Bowler

Mashrafe Mortaza is a Bangladeshi Cricketer who plays for the International and domestic levels. He is also a politician and captain in all three formats. He is also the first pacer in Bangladesh who deliver a ball at 148km/h during the test match. Mashrafe made his first debut in BPL against Barishal Burners where he took 12 wickets in the tournament.

After the 2nd season, he joined the Comilla Victorians team where he led the team as their captain and win the Champion title. In this season he took a total of 15 wickets. In the 2018 edition of BPL, Rangpur Riders pick him for their team where he took 22 wickets in 24 matches.

Dhaka Platoon bought him in the 2019 edition. He is the third leading wicket-taker in the Bangladesh Premier League. He took a total of 85 wickets in 88 Innings with an average of 25.95.

Taskin Ahmed

He is a Bangladeshi cricketer and right-arm fast bowler. Taskin is known for his stunning pace and mostly he bowled the ball at the speed of 90km/h. Taskin Ahmed also plays in the BPL. He takes start in BPL from the 2nd season where he selects for the Chittagong Kings team.

He took 15 wickets in the 2nd edition of the Bangladesh league. In the 2018 draft, he picks for the Sylhet Sixer team where he gets the award for the leading wicket-taker. He takes 22 wickets in 12 matches. Rangpur’s team bought Taskin in 2019 their team where he plays an important role in the team. In this tournament, he takes leading 23 wickets. He takes a total of 79 wickets in 56 innings with an average of 21.

Shafiul Islam

He is one of the most dangerous bowlers in the Bangladesh Premier League. He is a Bangladeshi player and rights arm fast medium bowler. Khulna Royals team bought him and he took five highest wickets in 7 matches. He was the 4th highest wicket-taker in the Bangladesh league.

He play 5 seasons for the Khulna Tigers team but in the 2018 draft, the Khulna team retained the Shafiul Islam from their team. In the 6th season, Rangpur Riders pick him for their team where he took 18 wickets in the tournament. Shafiul Islam picks most wickets in his domestic career. He is the 5th leading wicket-taker of BPL. In his T20 Bangladesh career, he takes a total of 79 wickets in 75 innings and with an average of 26.03.

Mustafizur Rahman

Mustafizur Rahman is the left arm-fast medium bowler. He made his first debut in a T20 International match against Pakistan in 2015. He plays for the first time at of International level in 2015. In the third season of the Bangladesh Premier League, Dhaka Dynamites pick him.

In this tournament, he took 14 wickets in  10 matches. Rajshahi Kings bought him for their team during the draft of the 2018 season. In the 6th edition of BPL he selects for the Rangpur Rangers and get award for the leading wicket taker. In his Bangladesh Premier League career he took 69 wickets in 5 innings with the average of 18.02.

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