BPL Points Table 2023- Bangladesh Premier League

Bangladesh Premier League is a very famous domestic league in Bangladesh country. The 9th edition of BPL will play from January to February. Here we are going to share with you BPL Points Table 2023 with all team’s points, team ranking, & positions. All the cricket fans are excited to watch the BPL. In this article, you will find the necessary details about the BPL points table and many more.


BPL Points Table


BPL Points Table 2023

Bangladesh Cricket Board launch the BPL in 2012 & first season play in this year. It is the 16th most watched league in the world. The team of BPL relies on the highest points. BCB announced the schedule of BPL 2023. All teams are excited to play the matches. Points are those numbers that are got by a team after winning a match. In the Bangladesh Premier League, all teams play a total of 34 matches against each other. All the teams play according to the Double robin-round format.

Every team plays against in home ground &  away matches. If there are no results and a match is drawn then each team gets 1 point. In the group stage, 7 teams play against each other & only 4 teams qualify for the play-off stage. In the play-off stage which team gets the highest points in the BPL points table can qualify to play the final. Every team who wins a match gets 2 points for a match.

BPL Points Table 2023 PDF Download

The BPL points table is not available now you can watch it after every match. You can download the points table of your favorite team in PDF file format & keep it in your record. Also, you can share it offline with your friends who are crazy about the BPL.

BPL Points Table Standing Rules

The BCB did quite changes in the points table rules of BPL. Here are the details about the tournament points table changing rules. The criteria of the points table raking determine by the most points after group matches. The team that finishes in the top four in the BPL Points table will move to the next round. Every team that wins a match gets two points in the points table.

  • Higher Number of points.
  • If equal, a higher number of wins.
  • If equal, least number of defeats.
  • If still equal, the result of the head-to-head meeting.
  • If still equal, net run rate.

Bangladesh Cricket Board also did some changes for the players these are mentioned below

  • Every team has a maximum of 3 foreign players.
  • Each team can sign 1 local & 3 other country players.
  • Every team can sign a maximum of 14 local players & 8 foreign players.

BPL Points Table Teams

For the Bangladesh Premier League PCB selects 7 teams from seven different states of Bangladesh. All the teams try to get the highest points in the points table but a team who plays well can get the most points.  There are no points for a loser team. These 7 teams’ names are as follows.

  • Dhakka Platoon
  • Khulna Tigers
  • Rahshahi Royals
  • Chattogram Challengers
  • Sylhet Thunder
  • Rangpur Rangers
  • Comilla Victorians

Points Table 2022

In the points table of 2022, the team of Chattogram Challengers gets a total of 6 points in a points table with a net run rate of +0.497. Chattogram gets 1st position in the points table with 3 win matches out of 5. Comilla Victorians team get 4 points with +1.820 net run rate. They win 2 matches out of 5 and on the 2nd position in the points table for 2022. Minister Group Dhakka gets 4 points with a -0.204 net run rate.

They win 3 matches out of 5 and are in the 3rd position. Khulna Tigers get 4 points with a net run rate of -0.260. They won 2 matches out of 5 and on the 4th position in the points table. Fortune Barishal gets 4 points with a -0.688 net run rate. They win only 2 matches out of 5 and on the 5th position in the points table. Sylhet Sunrisers get 1 point with a -0.366 net run rate. They win only 1 match out of 5 to get 6th bottom position in the points table.

How does the points table work?

The BPL 2023 points table shows the current team standings with better team rankings of 6 teams. Two teams from each group with the highest run rate and most wins select for the play-off and finals.

 BPL Points Table Group Stage

  • The team with the most wins will place in the higher position if the points are equal.
  • Team with the highest run rate will replace in the higher position if teams with equal points win.
  • If still equal then the team position will determine by drawing lots.

Cricbuzz BPL Points Table 2023

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Where we can watch Points Table anywhere?

If you are crazier about  Bangladesh Premier League and get an update on the team points in the points table you came to in right place. ESPN  Cricinfo is a superb website where you can watch all team points tables. You can get an update of every match score on it. If you miss the previous tournament of BPL you can see the points table BPL 2022 today on ESPN Cricinfo. Just connect the device to the internet & download from Google Play Store the website on your smartphone or Laptop. Now you can get an update from every moment of the BPL Points Table.

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