How To Earn Money Online From Youtube

There are many ways to earn money online from YouTube just by uploading your videos or other content. Here will discuss methods and different techniques by which one can be able to earn good money (500 to 1000$) to start a journey in the online world or e-commerce. In this article, there will be step-by-step guidance so read till the end to understand.

Ways to earn money on youtube

  • Uploading videos
  • Youtube shorts
  • Youtube live-streaming
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Influencer markeing
  • Flipping YouTube channel
  • Podcast

First of all set your YouTube channel by making a YouTube banner, a catchy profile image, a unique YouTube name, and some details related to your channel. You only have a verified Gmail account and mobile number to set up your own channel. Now it will discuss how can you earn money by doing these things.

Uploading videos

Here is a simple rule on YouTube, just upload the videos related to your passion or interest and see analytics to your success. No doubt it will take time but upload content continuously on a daily or weekly basis. Your content can be sharing knowledge with others, funny videos, motivational content, gaming videos, and food vlogs and there is no limit except the content that is prohibited by YouTube or that violates YouTube terms and policies.

earn money by uploading videos

YouTube shorts

Recently YouTube has launched new features such as Facebook and Instagram reals, known as YouTube shorts. Small video content of less than a minute is getting many views nowadays and it is a very interesting way of earning. You have only to complete your subscribers and when a certain number of views hit your channel is monetized.

Live streaming

There is another option available for newbies to start sharing live content on YouTube. There may be a live gaming stream, live tutoring, live counseling, live application fulfillment, live coaching, live cricket matches international or local, and much more. It is an easy way to complete watch time hours to monetize your channel soon.

earn money through gaming

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you sell other products digitally without buying them or investing and you get an affiliate commission of 2 to 20 or 30% as per products and platforms. There is an affiliate link provided to you by affiliate platforms like Amazon associates program or other brands and marketplaces, when someone buys a product by your unique link and pays you get your affiliate commission. Giving product reviews and guidelines by making YouTube videos and sharing the affiliate link in the description or comment.

Influencer marketing

If you have good reach on YouTube or Tiktok and fall in certain categories related to fashion, beauty, health or fitness, teaching, etc., you can do influencer marketing by promoting other businesses or courses and you will get a handsome amount of it.

Flipping your channel

One can flip or sell his YouTube channel if he has good stats and subscribers and wants to create another channel in another niche or category, there is an outstanding option available to just sell your channel at a good price and start another income stream by taking shout out by his channel.


Nowadays podcasts are commendable and many people like to watch podcast videos. No matter how beginner are you there is the only way is for you to set up a video or question/answer session with another one who is somehow famous or has good knowledge on the topic on which the podcast or video has set. People are loving and appreciating it well.

earn money from podcasts


Requirement for YouTube channel monetization

The short overview related to things required to monetize a YouTube channel are

  • 1000 subscribers in last 12 months
  • 4000 hours of watch time
  • Must not be vulgar or sexual content
  • Must fulfill YouTube terms and policies


Frequently asked questions


how can I monetize my channel fast?


There is no overnight success, everything takes time. Some niches that people love and search for and there is a content gap/availability, then you can monetize your channel fast.


YouTube shorts be monetized?


Yes, YouTube shorts also monetize when 1000 subscribers and 10 million views are complete then your channel will be monetized and you can earn by making shorts.


How much does YouTube pay monthly?


There is no fixed amount at all. It depends on many factors like search region, content, views, ads, etc. And youtube also pays for shorts so it is somehow different to expect.


how many subscribers are needed for a YouTube livestream?


There are no limitations on YouTubers or content creators to start live streaming on YouTube just they have to verify them via email and phone number. One requests a YouTube livestream and after 24 hours he is eligible to start it.


How can I check my YouTube stats and earnings?


You can check your YouTube channel stats on YouTube Studio where everything is given like views, watch time, subscribers, etc., and for earnings you have to sign in to Google Adsense to check your balance.


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