Facebook Monetization Requirements

There is a very curious question that many people have about Facebook Monetization Requirements. People start making content and don’t know about Facebook guidelines. So it will be very interesting for content creators, advertisers, and people who use Facebook for monetization. Here will provide complete details about Facebook monetization eligibility criteria. Read the article carefully till the end to open an online income stream for yourself.

To check Facebook monetization requirements:

You can check your eligibility criteria for Facebook monetization in your account. Content creators must follow monetization policies to make money from their content. If your content is against policies then your content will be deleted or your account will be disabled. Facebook policies guidelines include community standards and guidelines like what is allowed or not on Facebook.

Follow these steps to check the eligibility criteria for the content on your Facebook account or page.

1- Open your Facebook account
2- Go to your respective page
3- Open the main menu
4- Click on Creator support
5- Click on “monetization” bar
6- Go to program eligibility

FB monetization eligibility check

After following these steps you can check whether your Facebook monetization requirements meet the eligibility criteria or not. But this is not the end, there are many things to understand related to some things:

Facebook page monetization
FB profile monetization
Stars eligibility
Facebook subscriptions eligibility
In-stream ads eligibility criteria
Performance bonus program

1- Facebook page monetization

To check your page for Facebook monetization requirements you have to follow community standards or guidelines and content monetization policies. After this, there are some steps to check whether your page is eligible or not.

Facebook community standards and guidlines

– Login to your Facebook on your desktop.
– Go to meta business suite.
– In the menu bar on the left side, the monetization tab is available.
– If the monetization tab is not showing then go to tools and click on the monetization tab.
– Check the corresponding page on which you want to check.
– Click on status to view page eligibility.

2-Facebook profile monetization

People are earning money on their profiles through their content. FB profiles can also be monetized if they have turned on professional mode and meet Facebook partner monetization policies and guidelines. To check whether your profile can be monetized or not, just follow these steps:

– Go to the professional dashboard on mobile/desktop.
– Click on the tools.
– Go to monetization and check your eligibility.
If your profile is not showing monetization programs you may be residing in a country where Facebook monetization is not available yet.

3- Stars eligibility

There is an option available for fans to send stars to their following ones. Stars are virtual money that allows you to earn real money on Facebook. Meta pays the corresponding amount set for stars to the page owners or profiles on which fans have sent stars to show love for them. To check star eligibility on your page or profiles you have to know about the requirements if you are a content creator.

stars receiving criteria on FB
– You should have 500 followers in the last 30 days.
– must follow the community standards and guidelines.
– Meet the criteria of partner monetization policies.
– Must reside in an eligible country (shown on the profile)

4- Subscription requirements

There is another model of earrings on Facebook which is the subscriptions model. Just create a subscription for your page and earn monthly income. If you have a good fan following and a great content creator then this is a great way of income stream. You must know about the eligibility criteria.

– Content creators and brands with large active following.
– Should have received an invite from Facebook.
– Must follow the community standards and guidelines.

5- In-stream ads criteria

Facebook offers In-stream ads in the videos and content you have uploaded on the respected page. This option is only available in some countries so first check the eligibility of your area or country then apply for short ads to show on your videos to earn money on Facebook. There are some other requirements also:

– minimum 5000 followers
– Your videos must have viewed 60000 minutes in the last 60 days.
– at least 5 videos shared in the last 30 days.
– must reside in a country where an In-stream ads option is available.

6- Performance bonus program

Performance bonus program allows contenting creators to earn money on their Facebook posts other than videos or reels and stories. It works on the amount of reach, shares, reactions, and comments on Facebook posts. This is a golden opportunity to earn money as a bonus after following the terms and conditions. To check whether you are eligible for this model or not, there are some requirements:

– must meet partners’ monetization policies.
– content created within 90 days.
– content/posts must not exceed a limit of 2000.

So these are some models available on Facebook to earn money after following all terms and conditions, community standards and guidelines, and eligibility criteria. So, expand your following list and post reach, shares, and reactions by offering engaging content to the people.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


Can I monetize my Facebook page with 1000 followers?


Yes, but Facebook page monetization requires different eligibility criteria for different models. For example, to receive stars on your page you have at least 500 consecutive followers in the last 30 days and you must reside in an eligible country.


What are the rules for monetization on Facebook?


Your page and profile content should follow the community standards and guidelines. You must have a good fan following and reach on Facebook.


Why I am not eligible for Facebook monetization?


After fulfilling the Facebook terms and conditions and community standards and guidelines. You have to have 5,000 followers on your page and 60000 minutes of viewed content.


Is Facebook monetization easy?


If you are a content creator and can engage people with your content and strategies it will be an easy task to earn money through Facebook.




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