Highest Score In T20 Cricket By Teams

The highest score in T20 of teams and players is great fun for the fans. Cricket is an entertaining game in itself but when it comes to T20 it is also full of fun. In T20 format a fan wants to see 4rs, 6s, and the high score of his favorite team. Many teams even did this feat.

The format of T20 is being a favorite for fans from its beginning. The process of washing the bowlers and making quick runs on the batsmen is the specialty of this format. Read this article till the end to increase your information about the high score in T20 by teams.

Highest Score in T20

Top 10 Team’s Highest Score In T20

In the T20 Cricket format, many teams made records for the highest scores in T20 format. In this article, we list out the detail of extraordinary teams which made the highest score in T20 cricket. The name of the teams is Afghanistan, India, Australia, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, Scotland, West Indies, New Zealand, South Africa, and England.

Afghanistan Team

The Afghanistan team is one of the best teams in the T20 format. The Afghanistan national team represents Afghanistan in ICC. Afghanistan team head institution is Afghanistan Cricket Board, the board is actively working since 1995.

In 2021, the Afghanistan team ranked number 9th in international T20. Afghanistan holds the record of making the highest score in T20 format. On 23 February 2019, Afghanistan scored 278 runs on just 3 wicket losses against Ireland.

In reply, Ireland made just 194 runs. Afghanistan team won this match by 84 runs. Hazaratullah Zazai scored 162 runs on 62 balls and Usman Ghani scored 73 runs on 48 balls in this inning.

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Top 10 Teams Highest Score In T20

Czech Republic Team

The Czech Republic is an international cricket team that is directed by the Czech Republic Cricket Union. The team is also known by its nickname “Lions”. The Czech Republic team made its 1st international debut in T20 cricket in 2008.

The team made a record of the highest score in T20 international cricket. On 30 August 2019 Czech Repulic team scored 278 runs against Turkey which is a part of the ICC Continental Cup. Turkey Cricket Team score only 21 runs on just 3 overs and lost the match by 257 runs. The player of the Czech Republic Sudesh Vikram scored 104 runs on 36 balls.

Australian Team

The Australian Team considers the best team in all three formats. The Australian team is directed by the Australian Cricket Board. The team played its 1st T20 match against New Zealand in 2004-2005. The Australian team played a total of 158 T20 matches with 82 winnings.

On 6 September 2016 Australia scored 263 runs against the Sri Lankan team. Australia won the match by 95 runs. Glenn Maxwell scored 145 runs on 65 balls and Travis Head scored 45 runs on 18 balls to help their team. On 16 February 2018 Australia also made the highest score 245 runs against New Zealand in 18 overs and won this match by 2 runs.

Sri Lanka Team

The Sri Lanka team known as “The Lion” represents the Sri Lankan national team in international cricket. The Sri Lanka team holds the record for the highest score in the T20 format. On 14 September 2007 Sri Lanka team scored 260 runs against the Kenya team in T20 World Cup.

In this match, Sana Jayasuriya scored 88 runs on 44 balls, Mahela Jayawardene scored 65 runs on 28 balls and Jehan Mubarak score 46 runs on just 13 balls to help their team to won the match. Sri Lanka won the match by 172 runs.

India Team

The international men’s team India is directed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India. Team India is also known as “The Men in Blue”. Indian cricket was introduced by a British soldier in the 18th century. Team India holds many records in all three formats, one of them the team made the highest score in T20.

In December 2017 Indian team scored 260 runs against the Sri Lanka team which was the highest score by the Indian team ever in T20 cricket. Rohit Sharma scored 118 runs on 43 balls, Lokaish Rahul made 79 runs on 49 balls to help his team in the match. The Sri Lanka team lost the match by 88 runs against India.

Scotland Team

Scotland team represents Scotland Men’s cricket team in international cricket. Team Scotland managed by the Scotland Cricket Board. They won International T20 World Cup in 2016 against the Hong Kong cricket team. Scotland also holds the record of the highest score in T20 cricket.

On 16 September 2019 Scotland team scored 252 runs against Netherland. The unique thing about this match was the partnership of Jorge Muncy and Kail Koidzaer who made 200 runs in just 1 over. Jorge Muncy scored 127 runs on 56 balls. Kail Koidzaer made 79 runs on 50 balls. Netherland team scored only 194 runs in 20 overs and lost the match by 58 runs against Scotland.

West Indies Team

The West Indies team represents the multi-national men’s team in international cricket. West Indies team managed by West Indies Cricket Board. It is also known for its nickname “Windies” or “Black Strom”.

The skill of making the fastest deliveries of players made this team like Strom. West Indies ranked on number 9thin T20 cricket format. West Indies team made a record of the highest score in T20 cricket.

The team wins ICC T20 World Cup Twice in 2012 and 2016. On 27 August 2016 West Indies scored 245 runs against the Indian team. Jolson Jaz scored 89 runs on 33 balls and Awis Lawis scored 100 runs on 49 balls. Indian team scored 244 runs and lost the match by 2 runs.

New Zealand Team

The New Zealand team represents New Zealand Men’s team in international cricket. The team is also known for its nickname “Kiwis” and “Black Caps”. ICC ranked the New Zealand team in number 4th in T20 cricket format.

The team holds the record of the highest score in T20 format. New Zealand scored 243 runs against West Indies. New Zealand won this match by 119 runs.

South Africa Team

South African team directed by South Africa Cricket Board. The South Africa team represents South Africa Men’s team in international cricket. The team is also known for its nickname “Protea”.

South Africa team ranked om 5th number in T20 format by ICC. SA holds the record of the highest score in T20. South Africa scored 241 runs against England team. England lost the match by 84 runs against South Africa.

Team England

England team directed by England and Wales Cricket Board. The England team represents England Men’s Cricket Team in the International T20 format. Team England played its 1st T20 match on 13 June 2005 against Australia. The Team of England played a total of 148 T20s matches.

In which they won 77 matches. On 8 November 2009 England Team made its highest score 241 runs with 12.05 run rate against the New Zealand team.  New Zealand team could stand tough against England team and surrendered at the score of 165 runs.

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