IPL Essay – History of Indian Premier League

In this article we try an easy way to explain to you about IPL Essay, I hope you will satisfy with the level of information provided in this article. IPL is a professional men’s T20 cricket league in India. The exact combination of sports and excitement to its fullest as to attract most of the audiences even the ones who have never watched cricket before the beginning of IPL in 2008.

History of IPL

The IPL is the one of its kind ever held in India. It is an Indian league of cricket with T20 cricket matches between different states of India. IPL  started in 2008 and consists of eight teams from 8 different cities in India.

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IPL 1st Winner in 2008

The 1st season of IPL was won by Rajasthan Royals. The brand value of the IPL in 2019 was Rs.47,500 crore. In 2010 IPL became 1st sporting event in the world to be broadcast live on YouTube. The venue of the 2008 season moved due to corona. And game is play in the UAE. In October 2021 there have been fourteen seasons of the Indian Premier League.

IPL Essay – History of Indian Premier League

IPL 2nd Winner – Winner of 2009 IPL

The latest season will  conduct with Chennai Super Kings winning the fourth title. The format of IPL was Double round-robin and playoffs. There was a no of the famous tycoon who started 8 teams. Names all of the remarkable players will put on the list to be put in the auction, they will for and the highest bidder had him in his/her team.

A few teams are owned by Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Shilpa Shetty, and many more. You will be more than delighted to read information like

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Economically Benefit From IPL

In the IPL Essay, we define the economical benefits which are useful in many ways. In the cricket-crazy country, cricket fans have lauded the Indian Premier League. IPL has the most-watched tournament. It became a platform for the emerging Indian cricketers.

During the tough economic condition in South Africa, there was another version of the Indian Premier League. This is a platform for young cricketers and overseas players to build their goals. South Africa has outstandingly benefited from the IPL as an economic motivation program.

Important economic activity from thousand of visitors to that country, hotels, restaurants, gift shops, and other small businesses benefited from rising visitors and visitors from the Indian Premier League.

How does Indian Premier League Provide to India and World Cricket according to IPL Essay?

According to the IPL essay, IPL creates the largest sphere of business surrounding cricket and similar refreshing entertainment. IPL has proved itself to be the easiest medium to include the youth and even the elder mass in watching cricket.

Benefits of IPL

We list out some benefits of IPL in IPL Essay.

Interest Medium for the Crowed

The cricket match provides an adrenaline rush in the body and one cannot move his/her eyes from the TV, especially in the last two overs. The twenty 20 leagues are short thus the enjoyment further increases.  The IPL  teams divide on the name of the Indian state which makes people watch it, as a way of showing support and inspiration for the state.

A platform for Enhance Cricket

The IPL comprises all kinds of cricketers, the retired ones, the newly became ones, the currently popular ones, and currently unpopular ones. In this platform, the new cricketers get an opportunity to work with experienced cricketers and improve the quality of their game.

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Disadvantages of IPL

We also list some disadvantages of IPL in the IPL essay.

Makes the players Weary

The ongoing international matches and then a two monthly series makes the players tired. This might affect the performance in international cricket.

The IPL became an Empire of Business

The league selects its player through an auction which knew as the selling of players. This is the only money that brings actors, the business community, players, and leaders to one place. Completely, the love of the game control in front of glory to a great extent. And a brightness of money, which is blinding most of us.

Wrong Schedule of the IPL

The IPL takes place in April and May which are the hot months of the year in India. The players face health issues due to the heat of the burning sun, especially in Rajasthan. This schedule is not done by considering that people from all the countries will be able to participate, as often international tours take place when IPL occurs.

The government will have to stop the subsidy in the name of economic development to this rich owner, which reduces the risk, but makes the award higher than the inequality. The government needs to conduct a thorough investigation of alleged money laundering, tax evasion, gambling, and other illegal activities.

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