Jazz Fan Pulse – The most thrilling contest in HBL PSL

Jazz Fan Pulse is an interesting and very attractive way  of catching the attention of the fan lovers to the product. Basically the entire scheme is to promote the brand and get the maximum reach of audience. Bascially Jazz fan pulse is the wonderful marketing strategy by the Mobilink Teleco company to maximum utilize the event of  PSL 8 and generate more and more sales.

What is Jazz Fan Pulse

Jazz Fan Pulse is a Quiz and the display is on the screen in the stadium during the match. With Jazz logo daily a Question appear on the screen which is about Pakistani cricket especially PSL. Jazz users can participate in the quiz and answer the questions. Those people who have given the right answers their names are announced on the screen daily and 2 winners are chosen daily and winners get exciting prizes from Jazz.

Jazz Fan Pulse

Other Interesting Events in PSL

PSL is basically the celebration of the cricket as the grounds of Pakistan got dry and fans have been waiting desperately to see the cricket matches happening live in front of their eyes as after the event of firing on Sri Lankan team in Lahore cricket has been banned in Pakistan and UAE was announced the host of PSL and Pakistani matches. In Pakistan the crowd is fully charge and different companies use it as an opportunity to to the maximum market as they can so they set different events within the events like

  • Osaka Power Run
  • Hamaray Heros
  • J. Hit the wicket
  • Jazz Fan Pulse
  • PEPSI Catch a crore
  • Parkview FreeHit wins a house

Apart from these the different cameras are in use just to make the moment  more and more interesting, these include

  1. Buggy Cam
  2. Spider Cam
  3. Drone Cam
  4. Boundary Cam
  5. Eagle Cam

So these all are the marketing strategies that companies use to attain more and more sales, to make matches more interesting, to grab more attention of the crowd.

Tell us your favourite cam and favourite event in HBL PSL 8.

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