Play Free Online Games to Earn Money

Many people around the world Play free online games to earn money. You have heard this before many times. But here you will find a clear roadmap to make money from playing games. Almost everyone who has smart phone or laptop plays some type of game. Games can be online or offline, so it does not matter. Online games have their issues and competition. You have to have a constant and good internet connection also. Offline games are comparatively less competitive and easy to record. So, stay connected to this post to find all the points and steps.

Play free online games to earn money- platforms

Online and offline both games are available on our mobile phones and desktops or laptops. One can also play on Tabs or iPhone for a better experience. People love to play some games, so to convert your passion into money. It is not a myth, it’s a complete roadmap and stories. People who are good at playing games can show their content on digital channels. There are hundreds of success stories of people playing online games. They earn a lot of money at the same time they enjoy their games.

There are some steps to follow to accelerate your online earning potential through games.

Step 1: Select your game or games

First of all, select your game to play and show this content to people. Games can be offline or online and physical games also. There are hundreds and thousands of games available. You have to find your own one in which you are an expert. Content that people love to watch and enjoy depends on strategy and trends. There are some games related to this category which are:

Offline games

Play offline games on your device and make good content by recording. This is a way to play free offline games to earn money. Simply, play your favorite or selected game with full passion and record it. After recording the video, edit it and add attractive content to it. You can also do voice-over, but it depends on game to game. There are some offline games to take the idea of free online games to make money.

play free super mario online games to earn money

  • Taken 3/taken tag/taken 5
  • Super Mario
  • Sonic
  • Tank
  • Puzzle bubble
  • Snow bros
  • GTA Vice City
  • King of fighters
  • Racing cars
  • Subway Surfers

Online games

There are many online games to play and earn money through digital channels. Online games are more competitive and exciting. People who play online games, love to watch also. So, if you are a good player of any online game. Then make content on it and record or do live streaming on YouTube or Facebook. There are many online games available on the internet like :

play pubg free online games to earn money

  • Pubg
  • Free fire
  • Ludo star
  • 8-ball pool
  • Call of duty
  • League of Legends
  • World cricket championship

Physical games

People are also making money online from physical games. They record their videos then edit them and upload them on Facebook and YouTube. Physical content is more appropriate than other games. If you are good at any physical game, then this is a golden opportunity. There are some common physical games that people play and love to watch.

physical games to earn money

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball
  • Racing
  • Swimming

Step 2: Ready your content 

After selecting the game and your interest. Record videos either screen recording or camera recordings. Edit the content manually on Canva, capcut, adobe, clipchamp, etc. If you want to add background voice or your real voice then go for it also. OBS Studio is a very good and easy-to-use software. You can simply edit your videos or do voice-overs.

Step 3: Make a profile/page/channel

You can choose a single thing or multiple platforms to spread your content. Facebook, YouTube, TickTok, snak, etc. are some platforms.  Make a good profile page or a channel on YouTube. Add some description related to yourself and your game. Create a social media profile or edit the previous one. Attract people with your content and funny shares. You can see Facebook page monetization requirements and go for it also.

Step 4: Upload content 

After creating good and attractive profiles on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. Upload your gaming content and short video clips on these platforms regularly. People watch content and appreciate quality content. If your gaming is quite good you will grow soon.

Step 5: Analyse pain points and fix them

After uploading gaming content on the digital platforms. Analyze them through insights and people reviews and comments. Continued improvement is the key to success. If you find something to be changed or fixed then go for it. Take ideas from senior gamers and catch trends also. Use funny and good memes to attract people and take good views. After getting a good fan following you, start live streaming. Engage your audience through daily posts and take their reviews. Reply to the people to maintain a strong relationship. These are some points to keep in mind to earn money from free online games.

Step 6: Stay consistent and patience

This is a very important point to be kept in mind. There is a common issue among the people of being so quick. Everything takes some time to be successful. So, after doing so difficult task try to keep consistent for about 4 to 8 months depending on the results. If you are getting good results in the first 3 months then increase your struggle. Try different methods that other gamers are using. Go on different platforms and build an authority and name as a brand. Once people search for your name, your channel or page should appear first. This requires a lot of struggle and patience to keep stuck. After some time the results would be great beyond your thinking.


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