BPL Sylhet Sunrisers Team Fixtures, Schedule,& History

Sylhet Sunrisers Team is the fantastic T20 domestic team of the BPL. It represents the region of the Sylhet in Bangladesh. Sylhet team made its 1st debut in 2012 and Lotus Kamal Group bought the franchise for $ 1.06 million. The team has its home ground in Sylhet, known as Sylhet Cricket Stadium. In this article, we are going to share all about the Sylhet team. Do you know how many times the Sylhet team wins the tournament?  When they are suspended and for what reason? Don’t worry we give you all information about the team, so read the article till the end.


Sylhet Sunrisers Team


Sylhet Sunrisers Team Franchise

Sylhet Sunrisers team bought by Lotus Kamal Group in the 1st edition. But after the suspension of the team from BPL they came into a new look with a new name. The team bought by Sylhet Sports Limited. Sylhet Sixers was the new name of the team after the 2016 edition.

The whole team suspends due to reason of spot-fixing in the tournament. Sylhet Sixer owns by the Bangladesh MP Abul Maal Abdul Muhit. To run the team in the right direction they made team management coaches, Lawyers, cricketer formers business interrupters.

In the 2019 season, the team change its ownership, and 24Bazar and the team came with a new look as Sylhet Thunder. In the edition of 2022 Sylhet team rebranded as Sylhet Sunrisers after changing owners. All the match lists of the Sylhet team are available in the BPL schedule of the 2023 Bangladesh Premier League. You can check the schedule of BPL in my previous article.

Sylhet Sunrisers Team Identity

Every team knows its identity like name, logo Kit color, and brand. All the teams have a different identity to show their team in the tournament. Identity makes a team different from others. Here we list all things about the Sylhet Sunrisers team.

Team Logo & Kit

Sylhet team logo in two colors yellow and black. In the mid of the logo, they create a loin image. The loin shows the power, dignity, and spirit of a team. The circle shows the sun which represents the light, and brightness of the team. And the name of the team writes in the circle. The team kit changed from time to time.

Kit design with two main colors Light Green & Blue. On the right side of the shirt at the bottom side, a print of yellow color is used. On the left side, the official logo of the team is designed & on the right side, Walton represents their sponsor. EHL sponsor name took for the mid of the shirt.

 Sylhet Sunrisers Team Anthem

Sylhet team anthem composed by Apeiruss Band. Sheikh Shafi Muhammad and Sheikh Saami Muhammad are the Band composers. The Anthem song sing by Niloy & Saami. The theme song of the Sylhet team is in the Bangladeshi language and not available in any other language.

 Team Kit Manufacture and Sponsor

Eastern Housing Limited was the sponsor of the Sylhet team from 2017 to 2019. Later United International University become the sponsor of the team. Progati Group is the current Sponsor for the Sylhet Sunrisers. Walton Group and Progati Group are a sponsor for the chest branding of the team. For the Pant J4 Security and Amari Dhaka are the sponsors.

2012 to 2013 Season

Sylhet team picks the best players for the season. They start the tournament with the best but later they could not manage the momentum of the team. They did not get the position in the stage group to qualify for the play-off stage. It was the most disappointing season for the team. They finish the tournament with very poor performance and got a position at the bottom of the points table.

2016 Season

This season Sylhet team could not play in the tournament because BCB suspend the team from the league. The Sylhet franchise break the rule of BCB and did not pay the money in time. It was said by BCB but later the matter was open. Sylhet team caught in the spot-fixing that’s why Bangladesh Cricket Board suspend the team.

2017 to 2018 Season

After the clarification team returned with a new look under the banner of Sylhet Sixer. They pick Sabir Rehman as their icon player. And then add 6 foreign players to the team to make a strong squad. They start the tournament with 4 matches won.

Andre Fletcher could not play more in the tournament because of the injury. Gulam Mudassar picks two wickets for their team. But the team do not play at the best side and lost matches one by one. The team gets 5th position in the points table.

2018 to 2019 Season

Sylhet signed Liton Das as their icon player and the team retained 3 players. Sylhet picks 6 foreign players to make a strong squad to get the BPL trophy. Despite the best players, they could not get success in the tournament.

They win just 3 matches in the group stage and could not qualify for the play-off stage. Sylhet team is one of the teams that can not succeed to get the tournament trophy. They only get a chance to play in the play-off stage in the 2013 edition.

2019 to 2020 Season

In this season between the Bangladesh Cricket Board and all franchises a conflict signed. BCB make some changes in the regulation of the league. They decide this tournament was run by BCB itself. In this tournament, they play the matches on just the league stage. They did not qualify for the playoff. Sylhet team once again ended the tournament with poor performance.

2021 to 2022 Season

Bangladesh Cricket Board held the 8th event of the BPL league in 2022 due to the attack of covid-19. The Sylhet team take a good start by winning 3 matches in the group stage. But later they can not manage the success in the tournament. They lost matches one by one and could not take place in the play-off stage. They ended the tournament at the bottom place in the points table.

Sylhet Sunrisers Team TV Broadcast Channels

Like other leagues, BPL is also the most watched league in the world. All the fans are waiting for the BPL 9th season. All the lovers of the Sylhet team are super excited to watch their favorite team matches. The fans in Bangladesh of Sylhet Sunrisers can watch all matches live on GTV.

Mobile users can download the app of GTV on their mobiles to watch a live stream of the matches. GTV is the official channel of Bangladesh and has the right to broadcast live matches of BPL. The fans in Pakistan, USA & India can watch the live matches on Ten-Sports. UK and Ireland geeks who want to watch live matches on the TV channels can watch on Willow TV.

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