T10 League Records, History & Stats of Players & Teams

T10 domestic league consists of 10 overs and is watched all over the world. In this league many foreign and local players made outstanding records. Here we bring T10 league records, history, and stats of players and team. Limited over cricket is the favorite of cricket fans. Because they get all their enjoyment from players, teams’ performance is in a limited format. T20 cricket is very popular but T10 got more fame in a short time. I hope the information about T10 league records will useful for you. We try our best to bring all information about the cricket which becomes you satisfactory.


T10 League Records


T10 League History

Cricket is popular since its inspection in the United Kingdom. This wonderful game has a variety of formats and every format has its strength. ODI, Test, and T20 are the three biggest formats. All three formats amazed the fans with their playing performance. T20 become popular day by day but what about the T10 league? T10 league is held in 2017 and in this short time this format gets popularity all globe.

T Ten sports are the owner of this league and direct it also. the format of the T10 league consists of Round Robin. Shaji Ul Mulk the chairman of the Abu Dhabi league found this 10-overs cricket format. The essence of the T10 glory forced great players to join this amazing format. Kerala Kings was the first champion of the league and the Deccan Chargers are the previous champion of the 2021 season.

The economic value of this league is USD 621.2 million. In the beginning, when Abu Dhabi organized the league only 4 teams participate to play. Later when ICC take the league under its management they include 2 new teams. The concept of this league is very unique because its playing duration is just 90 minutes.

And this format forced the fans to fill the stadiums with a rush. People keep the hype for the Abu Dhabi League. It is an exciting domestic  tournament if you want to know about it then read its Essay.

T10 League Records & Stats

T10 league is a very outstanding platform for players. Many players such as batsmen, bowlers, wicket-keepers, and their teams made many records in the world of the T10 league. We compiled here all statics of players and teams with proper detail. First of all, we will talk about the batting line records.

Most Runs By Players

It seems very amazing when you see your favorite player hit a ball with a bat and made the highest score. In the T10 league, Hazratullah Zazai made the highest runs. He is an Afghan player and made his first debut Internationally for his team.

He also plays for the domestic Level league where he scored 353 runs in 12 matches of the T10 5th season tournament. Hazratullah hit 29 fours and 24 sixes with an average of 50.43 and a strike rate of 200.57. He ranks 1st on the behalf of highest runs in the T10 tournament.

Philip Salt is an England player and play also in the Domestic T10 league. He ranks 2nd by ICC in the T10 league on the behalf of the highest run scorer.  Philip is an aggressive right-hand batsman and can surprise his opponent. He made a total of 344 runs in the tournament of the Abu Dhabi league. Philip hits 29 sixes and 28 4rs with a strike rate of 240.56 and with a Strike rate of  31.27.

Rehmanullah Gurbaz

Rehmanullah Gurbaz is in the third position with the highest runs in the Abu Dhabi league. He is a right-handed batsman and Internationally plays for the Afghanistan team. Rehmanullah plays for the Delhi Bulls team. He scored a total of 343 runs in 13 innings with a 28.58 average. He hit 30 Sixes and 25 boundaries with a 214.38 strike rate.

Liam Livingstone is an England player and in the T10 tournament play for the Team Abu Dhabi. He scored a total of 309 runs in 13 games with a 210.20 strike rate. In his score, 14 fours and 30 sixes include an average of 25.75.

Rovman Powell International player of West Indies plays in the Abu Dhabi Domestic league. He made the highest score for the Northern Warriors team. He made 305 runs in 10 matches and 9 innings. His average in the tournament is 33.89 and SR 191.82. Rovman hit 14 fours and 27 sixes in his score.

T10 League Records of Highest Individual Runs

Tom Kohler-Cadmore is at the top position in the T10 league with the highest individual runs. He is an International player for the England team and participates in the Abu Dhabi league for the Deccan Gladiators team. He scored the highest Individual against Bangla Tigers.

Where he hit 96 runs on 39 balls with a 246.15 strike rate. A total of 14 fours and 5 sixes include in his score. His highest score in the 5th tournament for the Deccan Gladiators team is 288 in 12 innings.

Andre Russell ranks in 2nd position for the highest individual score for the Northern Warriors team. He made a total of 92 runs on 32 deliveries against Delhi bulls. Andre hit nine 4rs and 7 sixes with a 281.25 strike rate.

Moen Ali  International player of the England team and a left-handed batsman. He play for the Abu Dhabi team in T10 League and made 77 runs on 33 balls. That is the highest individual score of Moen Ali in the T10 league. In his highest 9 sixes and 3 fours are included.

Rehmanullah Gurbaz plays for the Delhi Bulls team. He scored 70 runs on 30 balls with 5 sixes and 6 fours. The strike rate of Rehmanullah is 218.75 against the Northern Warriors team. He ranks at the 4th spot by ICC. Once again he scored 69 individual scores against the Abu Dhabi team. Where he hit  Six sixes and four five.

 Most Sixes in T10 League Records

  • Rehmanullah Gurbaz who is the player of Delhi Bulls in the T10 league hit the most sixes. He is the youngest player in the T10 league. He made a record in the T10 league to hit 30 sixes in one season of the league which is the highest by any player. He ranks by ICC at 1st position by hitting the most sixes.
  • Laim Living Stone player of the Abu Dhabi team in the T10 tournament. Liam ranks by ICC at the 2nd position on the behalf of most sixes in the tournament. He hit 30 sixes in 309 runs in 13 games.
  • Philip  Salt at the 3rd position with most sixes. He plays for team Punjabi Legends where he hit 29 runs in the 5th season of the T10 league.
  • Rovman Powell plays in the Northern Warriors team. Where he made wonderful shots in the form of 27 sixes in 305 runs. He becomes 4th in the ranking table of most sixes by ICC.
  • Hazratullah Zazai is the player of Maratha Arabians in the T10 league. He hit a total of 24 sixes in 353 runs in 12 games of the tournament. He is a left-handed batsman and International plays in the Afghanistan team.

Highest Fours In T10 League Records

  •  Hazratullah Zazai at the top position by ICC ranking with highest 4rs in T10 league. He is the best player of Maratha Arabians where he hit 29 fours in 12 games in the tournament. He plays all season in the Abu Dhabi league but it is the first time he hit an outstanding shot in the form of boundaries.
  • Philip Salt hit 28 boundaries in the league for the Punjabi Legends team. He is a fearless bat striker and he gets fame at Internationally and domestic levels. He gets the attention globally in the world of cricket with his amazing strikes techniques. Philip also gets the award for the highest run scorer in the league tournament.
  • Tom Kohler is a brilliant player for the Deccan Gladiators team. He hits a total of 28 4rs in 288 runs in 12 matches of the tournament. He also smashes a historic highest score from the Deccan team by any player. Deccan Gladiators play out standing against Bangla Tigers in all games.
  • Rehmanullah Gurbaz is at the 4th position with 25 fours in 12 innings of the season. It is the most fours of Delhi Bulls by any player. He scored 520 runs in 21 innings of all T10 league seasons.
  • Andre Russell is at the 5th position with most fours in one season. He made 25 fours in 247 runs. Andre is the icon player for the Northern warrior’s team. He is a hard batter with a hard hitter and keeps the capability to crumble the opponent team’s dreams in the world of cricket.

Highest Runs by Teams in T10 League Records

With the inspection of the T10 league total of 4 teams were selected for the tournament. Later 2 more teams were included in the next season by ICC. In the 5th season, a total of 8th teams played the tournament against each other. 1st two season host by the Sharjah Stadium later it was transferred to Abu Dhabi.

In the first Season, Punjabi Legends scored the highest runs of 132 against the Pakhtoon team at Sharjah Ground. Kerala Kings was the 1st Champion of the first T10 league seasons.  In the 2nd season, Northern Warriors made the highest score of 183 against the Punjabi Legends team.

Northern Warriors were the winner of the 2nd tournament of the Abu Dhabi team and got their 1st champion title. Maratha Arabians were the 3rd season’s highest run scorer team. They scored 146 runs against the Delhi Bulls team. Maratha Arabians win their 1st title of Champion in the 3rd season. In the fourth season, Northern Warriors again made the record the highest score of the season.

They scored 183 runs against the Punjabi Legends team. Northern Warriors were the champion of the 4th season defeated by  Delhi Bulls by 8 wickets. Deccan Gladiators scored the highest runs in the 5th season of the Abu Dhabi league. They scored 159 runs against the Delhi Bulls team. And the Deccan team is the Champion of the 5th edition of theT10 League.

T10 League Records of Bowling

Bowlers are the main pillar of cricket. They can change the game with their strategies. In the T10 league, many bowlers came to play but some are extraordinary and made the records with their bowling skills. Here we will discuss all bowling records of the player in the Abu Dhabi league.

Most Wickets by Bowlers

Wanindu Hasaranga is a Sri Lankan player who also plays in the T10 league at the domestic level. He plays in this league with the best figure rate for bowling. Wanda is the highest wicket-taker in the league who took 21 wickets in 12 games in the league.

He also gets an award for the outstanding player by Sri Lanka at the domestic level. Wanindu made his first debut in the T20 format in 2017. He plays in T10 League for the Maratha Arabians team.

Dominic is the Barbados team cricketer who plays at the domestic level in Barbados. Dominic Drakes play for the Delhi Bulls team. He took the highest wickets 19 in 12 innings. He bowled with the 10.26 average rate.

Marchant de Lange is a South Africa International player. He plays in the T10 League on the team Abu Dhabi. He is a right-arm fast bowler and took the highest wickets of 14 in 11 innings with an average of 18.14. Marchant cthe can attain a pace of around 150 Km/h.

Tymal Mills Bowler

Tymal Mills plays for the England team at the Internationally level but also plays at the domestic level. He is a left-hand fast bowler who plays for the Rajput team. He ranks by ICC at the 4th spot in the T10 league on the behalf of the highest wickets.

Tymal took the 11 wickets with an average of 11.18 in 8 games. He play with javelin throws when he was at a younger age. Then the coach decides to train him to make a fast bowler with short runs-up.

James Flunker is Internationally playing for the Australia Cricket team. But in the T10 league, he plays for the Martha Arabians team. James is the left-arm, fast bowler. He takes to start as the youngest player at the domestic level. He took 11 wickets for the Maratha team with an average of 16.91 in 10 games.

Unbroken T10 League Records

Highest Individual Score

Chris Lyn is a superb player on the Maratha Arabians team. He join the T10 league in the 3rd season the Maratha team bought him for their squad. Chris hit a wonderful score against the Abu Dhabi team.

He scored 91 runs on just 30 deliveries. He washes with his batting all the bowlers of the opponent team in Abu Dhabi Stadium. Chris made a 138 score with a 300 strike rate. It is the individual highest score in T10 league history and any play can not break the record till now.

Most Runs In a Season

In this phase, Chris Lyn is at the top. He scored a total of 371 highest score in the 3rd season of the Abu Dhabi league for the Maratha team. He hit 4 fifties in this tournament. It was an amazing start in the T10 league with his batting record. Like his Individual score, nobody can break the record for the highest runs in a season.

Most Sixes In a Season

This record was made by Nichols Pooran for the Northern Warriors team. He hit most sixes in a single season where he hit 33 sixes in the 2nd season of the T10 league. It is a fantastic record by any player and no one can break it till now.

Fastest Fifty In a Season

Mohammad Shehzad International player of the Afghan team plays in the T10 league for the Rajput team. He is the only player in the T10 league history who hit the fastest century. Shehzad hits the 50 in just 12 balls in the 2nd edition of the Abu Dhabi League. He scored 74 runs on 16 balls and take the field in the stadium with this great record.

The player of West Indies Chris Gayle equals the record by making 50 in 12 balls. Chris made 84 runs in just 22 balls in Sheikh Zayed Stadium for the Maratha Arabians team in the 5th season.

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