T20 World Cup Trophy

T20 World Cup trophy price, material, designer & winner teams all details compiled here. As you know T20 World Cup is the most-watched world cup in the cricket world. Fans of Cricket love to watch the short format of cricket that’s why the T20 World Cup is popular among lovers of cricket. T20 has a short format of 20 overs. The trophy is the reward for a team from ICC that won the final of the T20 World Cup. Most of the teams get the T20 International tournament Trophy with their player’s efforts. Read this article till the end to know about the T20 Tournament 2022 trophy information.

T20 World Cup Trophy

T20 World Cup Trophy

T20 World Cup Trophy is the representation of the winning team and the winning team takes by holding the trophy. These trophies were won by many strong teams. The T20 trophy is the prize for the winning team. Runner-up teams hold the medals and winners get the  Trophy.

This Trophy was hosted by many countries of the T20 WC Tournament India, South Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka, and many other teams. T20 World Cup was played seven-time in cricket history.  All team are excited to win the T20 World Cup Trophy. ICC announced the T20 World cup 2022 Schedule of all teams.Here we list out some information about T20 World Cup  Trophy.

 Trophy Material

The material used in this trophy is a mixture of 2 metals.  T20 World Cup trophy made with Sliver and rhodium. The weight of this trophy is 7.5 Kg. Its height is 51 cm and its width is 9 cm at the top. The base of the trophy is 14 cm.

 Trophy Designer

The trophy of the T20 International tournament was designed by Paul Marsden of Garrard & Co. This trophy is made in London by a team of craftsmen. It takes over two months the making of trophy.

 Price of  Trophy

The price of the ICC t20 tournament trophy is the US $5.6 million. This price broke the records of all prices of the trophy in history.

Which team won mostly the T20 World Cup Trophy?

West Indies is the only team that won the T20 tournament trophy 2 times. In 2012 West Indies won the trophy against the Sri Lanka team. West Indies won it by 36 runs. In 2016 2nd time West Indies team won the trophy against England by 4 wickets.

West Indies is a very strong team, and it contains the great names of players who made the records in the history of cricket. Chris Gayle is one of the great players of the West Indies team. He made many records in all three formats with his most sixes and fours.

Who won the T20 World Cup trophy in the year 2021?

Due to covid-19, ICC decides the T20  World Cup play in 2021. Dubai & Oman was the host of this exciting tournament. Australia is the champion of the 2021 T20 world Cup. Australia won the trophy against the New Zealand team by 4 wickets. New Zealand became the runner-up in this tournament.

Australian team got the price money of about $ 2.2 million in this tournament. On the other hand, the New Zealand team gets the 1.1 million prize money from this tournament. New Zealand is one of the teams that never won the Trophy of  T20 WC.

You can read  T20 world Cup New Zealand and also read  T20 World Cup Bangladesh. Bangladesh Cricket is an Asian team. The world knows that the Asian team made many records in the history of cricket. Bangladesh is one of the best Asian teams.

Past Winners of T20 World Cup Trophy

Every team wants to win the trophy of the Tournament. But those teams get trophies who do extra work & give their best performance. Many teams in the world of T20 tournaments get the trophies for the efforts of their teams. As you know India was the first champion of the T20 World cup.

West Indies won 2 times the title of champions. Australia is the champion of the 2021 T20 Cup & also the host of a current tournament of the T20 World Cup. Many other teams have the title of T20 Word Champion as well. We list out all the teams here who won the  T20 trophies in the past.

  • India was the 1st champion who get the T20 WC Trophy in 2007 in the International tournament of T20 against Pakistan in South Africa.
  • In 2009 Pakistan won the T20 Tournament WC trophy against Sri Lanka in the England of.
  • England win the title of champions, England team win the trophy against Australia and West Indies host this tournament.
  • West Indies team 1st time won the T20 Trophy against the team of Sri Lanka in 2010 and Sri Lanka was also the host country of this tournament.
  • Sri Lanka won the Trophy of the T20 International tournament against the team India in 2014 which was hosted in Bangladesh.
  •  West Indies win the trophy of T20 World Cup in 2016 2nd time. West Indies win the trophy against England team & India team host this tournament.
  • In 2021 Australia team won the Trophy of the T20 series against New Zealand, and the tournament was hosted by Dubai & Oman.

 Who will host the T20 World Cup Trophy in 2025?

Most team has the credit to host the T20 World Cup Tournament in their country. All the teams hosted the Tournament of T20 at least one time in their countries. South Africa,  England, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, and UAE & Oman. The T20 World Cup Trophy in 2025 will host by Pakistan.

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