World’s Best Wicket-Keeper- List of Top 8 Wicket-Keepers

There have been a large number of wickets that were taken by the world’s best wicket-keeper we can see in the history of cricket. Mark Boucher is at the 1st no in World’s best wicket-keeper. The wicket-keeper is the most dangerous weapon in the cricket world, who changes the match with his best effort.

The wicket-keeper abilities in cricket are similar to a brain in a body. That’s why the best teams are those who keep World’s Best wicket-keepers. A quick stumping, a diving catch, a save down the leg side, each deference of a wicket-keeper, has the potential to change the game on its head. So here we discuss the world’s best wicket-keepers who are so dangerous.


World's Best Wicket-Keeper


List of World’s Best Wicket-Keepers

Here we list out the names of world’s best wicket-keepers. Read this article till end to know about all World’s Best wicket-keepers.

  • Mark Boucher
  • Adam Gilchrist
  • Kumar Sangakkara
  • Moin Khan
  • MS Dhoni
  • Ian Healy
  • Brendon McCullum
  • Jeff Dujon

Top 8 World’s Best Wicket-Keepers

The cricket world contain many records of players. Here we list the detail of Top 8 World’s best Wicket-Keepers who gets most wickets in the history of cricket. They are World’s best Wicket-Keeper due to wickets getting abilities. They are also known as the most important weapon of cricket world.

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World’ best Wicket-Keeper Mark Boucher

Introduction of Mark Boucher

Mark Boucher is one of the world’s best wicket-keepers, he played cricket for South Africa for 20 years. He played as both batsman and wicket-keeper for the South African team. There is a reason Mark’s nickname is “Guinness” for a few records he has broken. From Beginning in East London in 1976, where he was born Mark would go to bring the cricket world to his knees.

Highest Dismissals by Mark Boucher

The record he has set is very unlikely to be broken. In 147 matches he took 532 catches and made 23 stumpings. In 295 ODIs he took 403 catches and made 22 stumpings and in 24 T20s he took 18 catches and made one stump. To add all of these dismissals altogether, you see how amazing Boucher was.

In all three formats, he took 999 dismissals and made a record in the cricket world. Mark Buchar’s batting skills show his record, he scores more than 1000 runs in his international career with 6 centuries and a half 61 centuries. His top score is 147 runs not out in One day international.

  Mark Boucher Retainment

Buchar retired at Lords in 2012 at the end of three-match test series against England. Tragedy struck during a warm-up game after a ball hit him in the eye, stopping his test career dead in its track. During a test against West Indies in 2005 at St John’s, Graeme Smith used all 11 to bowl.

The captain tossed the ball to Boucher and bowling his right-arm military-style, Boucher picked up the wicket of Dwayne Bravo, it add his 999 dismissals and this wicket gives him 1000 dismissals on international cricket. Boucher’s unique achievement is that he has not ever been dismissed for naught in international T20 cricket.

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 World’s Best Wicket-Keeper Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist Introduction

Adam Gilchrist is a former captain of the Australian cricket team and one of the world’s best wicket-keepers. With a left-handed batsman, he is also a dangerous wicket-keeper in the cricket world. Equally, adept in the test, ODIs, and T20 cricket, Adam was the most uncomplicated and thrilling batsman whether in seven in the test arena or opening in the energetic short forms.

Highest Dismissals by Adam Gilchrist

Scoring at 81.95 per 100 balls in Test cricket and a stumble 96.94 in ODIs his appearance swears big crowds. While the observer was corrupt by the awesome powers of his batting his wicket-keeping withstood scrutiny and he completed his 888 dismissals in Test and ODIs. The incredible career of Adam Gilchrist makes him one of the best wicket-keepers with 379 catches and 37 stumps in Test and 417 catches and 55 stumps in ODIs career.

Against Pakistan, Adam scored 149 runs in just his 2nd test at Hobert and made 238 runs in partnership with Justin Langer for the 6 wickets. In the test cricket, he made 204 runs on just 213 balls that making it quite a double century in his history. He also helped Australia to a 173 runs lead over India from 99/5 at the start of 2001.

Allan Broder Medal

Adam Gilchrist won the Allan Broder medal in 2003 after receiving the Wisden Cricketer of the year award in 2002. In 2004 he won the title of “World Scariest Batsman” in an international bowler’s poll and till now he called as “Greatest Australian ODI batsman”.

He hit more than 15000 runs with 32 centuries and 81 half-centuries in international cricket. First player who has more than 100 sixes in test cricket and he is one of three players who won three World Cup titles in their career. He takes a total of 905 dismissals.

World’s Best Wicket-Keeper Kumar Sangakkara

Sangakkara Introduction

The words “A star is born and not made” apply to a talented boy born in Matale, Sri Lanka. He is a famous former wicket-keeper batsman and legend of cricket. He stands number on this list with 748 dismissals in his international cricket career.

Highest Dismissals By Sangakkara

With 131 catches and 30 stumps, and his outstanding catching ability behind the stumps makes him one of the world’s best wicket-keepers of all time. The former Sri Lankan Player, who had played 80 Tests and 245 International ODIs, succeed him in all formats of the game in 2009. He takes 182 catches and 20 stumps in Test and 402 catches and 99 stumps in ODIs career.

Taking about his batting record Sangakkar holds one of the top three positions in all three formats of cricket.He hits more than 28000 runs in all three formats of cricket in his career with 63 centuries and 145 half-centuries. His highest score is 319 runs in Test cricket.

He achieved 202 dismissals with 182 catches and 20 stumping in his Test career, While in ODI he achieves 501 dismissals with 402 catches and 99 stumpings, he holds the record of highest dismissals in ODI by a wicket-Keeper.

Awards of Sangakkara

He had also won the award of cricketer of the year by the International Cricket Council. Man of the Match in the 2014 World cup won by Sri Lanka. He has also Won the LG people’s Choice Award two times in 2011 and 2012.

In 2011, Sri Lanka’s reputable and developed LMD Magazine nominated him as their “Sri Lankan Of The Year”.He also won the award for Outstanding Contribution to Sport at the 5th Asian Awards which was held in London. After Sangakkara retired from cricket, he got into politics where he was the Ambassador of the Anti-Narcotics Program in the country.

World’s Best Wicket-Keeper Moin Khan

Moin Khan is a famous wicket-keeper and batsman of Pakistan cricket. Khan spent most of his career slugging it out with Rashis Latif for the keeper’s gloves. His batting ability kept him front but Latif was the better keeper. As the wicket-keeper during Pakistan’s 1992 victory at the Cricket World Cup, Moin Khan play an important role.

The game ended in Pakistan’s favor and Moin Khan hit a six to make it three runs of seven balls and then made a four to finish it off. Moin is one of the greatest wicket-keepers with 127 catches and 27 stumps for Pakistan due to his skill behind the stumps.

Highest Dismissals By Moin Khan

Pakistan had to score 357 to win a Test match against Sri Lanka in Sialkot, Moin Khan scored 117 undefeated runs without the support of other batsmen, and Pakistan lost by 144 runs. Moin Khan took 128 catches and 20 stumps in Test and 214 catches and 73 stumps in their ODI career. Moin Khan had a total of 435 dismissals at the international level. He also leads the Pakistan team many times.

As Head Coach

He scored more than 6000 runs with 4 centuries and 27 half-centuries in his international career. Moin khan was appointed as manager of the Pakistan team in August 2013 and later he was promoted as interim head coach of the Pakistan National team in February 2014 for the Asian Cup and World T20.

World’s Best Wicket-Keeper MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni Introduction

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is known as a brilliant finisher and a dangerous wicket-Keepers. MS Dhoni is the most successful captain of the Indian team. For his football team, Dhoni was a goal-keeper and was sent to play cricket for a local cricket club by his football coach. He had not played cricket before, but he was impressed with his wicket-keeping skills and became the regular wicket-keeper of his cricket club.

In his fifth one-day against Pakistan, he cracked a brilliant 148 followed by a massive 183 not out at Jaipur against Sri Lanka. In these innings, Dhoni had 10 sixes, as Indian and fifth-highest in ODIs.In 2012 he became the only captain in ODIs to score a century while batting at number seven. He also became the fourth-fastest batsman to complete 8000 runs in ODI cricket in 2014.

Highest Dismissals by MS Dhoni

With 829 dismissals in 583 matches, Dhoni stands at number three for the best wicket-keeper in the world all-time. He took 256 catches and 38 stumps in Test and 321 catches and 123 stumps in his ODI career. Among the Top five players in the history of ODI international, he is the first Indian to hit 200 sixes and 4th Indian player to reach 10,000 ODI runs.

In test matches, he was an instant hit cracking 148 at Faisalabad against Pakistan in his 5th test. In 2008 defeating Australia, Under Dhoni Captaincy India register the bigger ever win with 320 runs. With 91 runs inning against Sri Lanka in The World Cup final is also among his notable reaching.

World’s Best Wicket-Keeper Ian Healy

Sir Ian Healy was a wicket-keeper whose primary responsibility was keeping wickets. Ian Healy was an important part of the Australian team of the ’80s which experienced a revival in international cricket. Healy liked being involved with the team. He was an expert behind the stumps, both against the fast bowlers and while standing up for the spinners.

Ian Healy was a middle-order batsman and the world’s best wicket-keepers. He works at the speed of light, when he retired he holds a record of most dismissals. He could also collect vital runs flashing his blade in the lower middle-order batsman. His constant talk behind the stumps and face-offs with batsmen further add flavor to his on-field reputation.

Highest Dismissals By Ian Healy

Ian Healy is known as the greatest wicket-keeper in the cricket world with 366 catches and 29 stumps in Test and 194 catches and 39 stumps in his ODI career. A debut for Healy was made at Karachi on a Pakistan tour in his first cricket Test. Making his debut in 1988 till 1999, Ian was the first wicket-keeper to have more than 600 dismissals.

He did it in less than 300 international matches, having 628 dismissals in 287 matches. He scored more than 5000 runs in his international career with 4 centuries and 26 half-centuries. His top score is 161 not out.
On 4 October 1998 Healy broke Road Marsh’s world record 355 dismissals when he caught Wasim Akram from the bowling of Colin Miller, during the first test at Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

He was also recognized as a Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 1994. Ian Healy also jointly holds the record in Test Cricket of being the only cricketers to have been run out in both innings of a test on two occasions.

World’s Best Wicket-Keeper Brendon McCullum

Brendon McCullum Introduction

Brendon McCullum is the prince of all three formats and is known as “Brash” McCullum. Previously he played on both sides as wicket-keeper and batsman. His impressive skills as a wicket-keeper made Brendon one of the world’s best wicket-keepers with 168 catches and 11 stumps. Also, he is the only player who has hit two T20s centuries and 2000 runs in T20.

Highest Dismissals By Brendon

His wicket-keeping career he had achieved 179 dismissals in his Test career out of which 168 were catches and 11 were from stumping. In his ODI career, he achieved 262 dismissals. He is also the first-ever player who hit a triple century in attest match as well as Scoring more than 1000 runs in a single year in test cricket. In the last Test match of his career, he had 170 runs which is a record and also he served as the head coach of the New Zealand team.

World’s Best Wicket-Keeper Jeff Dujon

Jeff Dujon as the World’s Best Wicket-Keeper made many record in the cricket history. Jeff Dujon dismissed 272 batsmen, took 297 catches and 5 stumps in 81 test matches. He is the former wicket-keeper of West Indies, he takes 267 catches and 5 stumps in Test and 183 catches and 21 stumps in his ODI career.

Jeff Dujon played 81 test matches for West Indies and he never lost a single match. He scored more than 5000 runs with 5 centuries and 22 half-centuries.

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